I Dreamed A Dream

18 Oct

I made a little video yesterday. Some of you may have seen it already. If you haven’t, you can wander over to youtube and take a peek. (I’ll post the link at the bottom here. I wouldn’t want you wandering away and forgetting to come back!) Believe you me, I felt like a complete moron recording the video, singing my heart out all by myself there in my living room. And I felt like an even bigger moron posting it on Facebook and – oh, glory be! – asking people to share it. So if you’re embarrassed for me, you can relax. I’ve got that department covered. I know I’m no Lara Fabian.

So why did I do it? Well, I’m not trying to get “discovered” and I’m not trying to “break into the biz”. I just want to play!

Have you ever watched a movie and wished you could’ve been part of it? I do that a lot. Oh, how I would’ve loved to play on the “Tomb Raider” set with that huge swinging needle thing. Or climb the rigging and wear those amazing costumes in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Don’t even get me started on the singing and dancing in “Chicago”. Every time I watch that movie, I think, “How could they have done that without me? I should be in there somewhere!”

It’s why I auditioned for “Wipeout Canada” last year. Not because I craved a moment of fame. And not because I really thought I had a chance at winning the money. I just wanted to play on the obstacle course.

Two days ago I heard that a movie version of “Les Misérables” is in the works. A good one this time. With actual famous actors and everything! My love for this show began in high school when my music class studied it. I had the chance to see it on stage a couple of times. And then, joy of joys, I actually won a contest to join the US Touring Company for one performance. I was right there on stage when the Bishop gave Valjean the candle sticks. I danced on a bench while Monsieur Thénardier sang “Master of the House”. I wrapped bandages at the barricade! It is one of my most treasured memories.

And now a movie. I am so excited to see it. Many times, I’m sure. But the fact that they haven’t started filming yet…that kept me awake late into the night. How could I get in touch with the director or producers? I don’t have contacts. I don’t have an agent. I don’t have head shots or an impressive resume. And I’m not scheduled to be on “Ellen” anytime soon. All I could think of was to enlist the help of my facebook friends and hope that they would pass it on.

Yes, it was embarrassing! But I can live with that. I can’t live with forever wishing I’d done something to get into that movie. I also can’t live with being a hypocrite when I encourage my kids to try out for a sports team or a choir or a play even though they’re afraid they won’t make it or they’re embarrassed about the audition process.

So please watch my video and don’t feel bad that I look silly. And more importantly, please share the video and/or this blog entry and encourage others to share it, too. “Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me?”

P.S. For the wonderful people at Working Title Films, know that I’m not presuming to ask for a lead role (even though I would be totally calm, cool and collected working opposite Russell Crowe). I just want to be in there. I would make a great ‘lovely lady’, I’m sure!

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