Mayim Bialik and Me

02 May

Last week I was being silly (What? Me??? Why yes, as a matter of fact), and I posted this side-by-side picture of me and Mayim Bialik on Facebook.

Then someone asked if I’d read her parenting book. And no, I hadn’t, but I went ahead and looked it up for interest’s sake. One thing led to another and I discovered a bunch of things that she and I have in common (besides our face, that is). I thought I’d amuse you with that list today.

We’re both 36. (So’s Angelina Jolie, point of fact, but that’s a different list.) I am actually about 2 months older than her, which may explain why she’s not showing any grey yet.

We both like to blog and write books about our parenting experiences. Slight difference: hers is published. I’m still working on mine.

We both have a thing for MacGyver. Okay, mild assumption there. She was in three episodes, plus who in their right mind doesn’t have a thing for MacGyver?!?!

We’re both totally brilliant. She has a PhD in neuroscience to back that up; I just have to let people take my (frequent) word for it. Tragically, I had to give up on my Neuroscience PhD Dream back in grade nine when I discovered that I don’t like getting C’s. About my brilliance – part of it is that I actually only do things I’m good at.

We both love cows and pigs. She likes to express her affection for them by not eating them. I like to express my affection for them by doing the exact opposite.

We both have controversial breastfeeding stories. Hers is about her not-yet-weaned three-year-old. Mine is about my adopted son. Neither of us really get why these are controversial. That’s another assumption. I will confirm her opinion on this matter after we become BFF’s when the casting director of The Big Bang Theory needs someone to play Amy Farrah Fowler’s sister.

We both love Jesus. I’m a Christian; she’s a Jew. Okay, maybe we’re not standing firmly on common ground with that one, but I think we can at least politely wave to each other across the distance.

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One response to “Mayim Bialik and Me

  1. kinetikat

    May 3, 2012 at 5:01 AM

    Jesus is my homeboy too! Yay!
    Wow, striking likeness between you two! And, totally, re: McGyver. Richard Dean Anderson was even hotter as Jack O’Neill in Stargate SG1. No mullet = win!


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