How About Some Cancer PREVENTION Awareness?

02 Apr

I’m confused about why “cancer awareness” campaigns are still a thing. Movember, pink ribbons, Facebook status games, no-make-up selfies, and now dudes waxing their nether-regions. (Dudes – stop.) I don’t get it. Sure, some of you donate to various cancer societies in connection with these campaigns, and if that helps you feel like you’re doing something beneficial, I won’t discourage that (at least not in this post). But how does your moustache help anyone? What does your make-up-free face have to do with cancer? If the Facebook games are supposed to spread awareness, why are they secret?

These campaigns are not effective. And more to the point, they are not necessary. Do you actually know anyone who is yet unaware of cancer? No, I’m sure you do not. But do you know anyone who has fought cancer or is fighting it right now? I’m sure you do.

I’m proposing we switch to cancer prevention awareness. And I’ll kick it off with a ridiculously awkward selfie so yours, by comparison, will be ridiculously easy. (If I were a hashtagging person, I would tag this as firsttimeusingcameratimer and onlynakedpictureofmeevereverever).


Here’s me applying aluminum-free deodorant.  I make it myself – it’s super easy, super cheap, it works beautifully and it doesn’t stain my black clothes. (Here’s the recipe.)

Now it’s your turn. Post a photo of yourself making a healthy choice and explain why that choice helps you prevent cancer. Need some ideas?

  • Post a photo of yourself having a delicious homemade smoothie for breakfast.
  • Post a photo of yourself drinking water instead of pop.
  • Post a photo of yourself filling your grocery cart with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Post a photo of yourself playing outside with your kids.
  • Post a photo of yourself wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Until cancer itself is no longer a thing, we should all be working hard to prevent it. So let’s stop the nad-waxing (Seriously, dudes – please stop that right now) and start conversations that will actually make a difference.

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One response to “How About Some Cancer PREVENTION Awareness?

  1. Lynn Mullins

    April 19, 2014 at 6:13 AM

    Hear! Hear! Preach it! Besides, the Cancer Society has more money than they know what to do with!!!


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