You know how 99% of people are deathly afraid of public speaking? Yeah, that’s not me. Maybe if I was speaking in a submarine or deep in a mine shaft, then I’d be somewhat panic-stricken. But for your basic run-of-the-mill Coffee Hour, Missionary Society Meeting, or Ladies Retreat, I’m your girl.

I’m told that my blog posts sound exactly like how I speak. I think that’s a compliment. At least I’ll take it as such. I will also take it to mean that I speak passionately about what’s on my heart, I have no pride when it comes to discussing my own mistakes and shortcomings, I am willing to be vulnerable when discussing painful topics, and I even try to be funny. I mean, I know I’m no Bob Saget (he’s still the funniest man in America, right?), but I give it my best.

Topics that I’ve covered lately include our adoption story, missions and missional living, Micah 6:8, biblical beauty, and parenting. And of course I’m always up for working with your chosen theme. If you would kindly pick a topic that requires lots of research (and, therefore, housework procrastination), I would very much appreciate it!

If you’re looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, email me at and we’ll work out the details.


One response to “Booking

  1. Jane H

    February 4, 2014 at 7:47 PM

    Let me know if you are coming to Michigan at any point….I would love to come and hear you. I’m not afraid of public speaking either…..give me a mic and I’m a happy girl. I think we might be kindred spirits.


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